Tuesday, November 24, 2009

is your glass half full or half empty?!

a recent twitter discussion provoked me to say...
my glass is half full. ALWAYS.
just sometimes it rolls like this...my soda that fills it is flat...
maybe i don't have enough sugar in muh tea...
or WTF?! my milk is curdled?!?!!?

but you know what's up.
my glass is still half full.

waiting for that other shoe to drop...

anyone who's ever had a good thing come to its end, nearly immediately after its started, you know exactly what i'm talking about...
the proverbial "other shoe."
and that other shoe often drops on me...
usually clunking me right in the damn head midst its plummet...

and what's sad?
sometimes i expect it.
it's like i await its arrival like it's the mate to a brand new pair of Bottega Venata Lace-up Ankle Boot.

and i don't even know why.

i mean, i know i deserve goodness in my life.
so why i would anticipate something to come along & mess it up, i sometimes cannot comprehend. i mean, it does happen. alot. and true that, if it wasn't for bad luck, i'd probably not have a bit of luck at all...

when the good begins,
i do wait...
for the good to end.
all too often.
whether i've found this said goodness in my job, my relationship, or maybe it's just how well the kids are behaving on a random tuesday evening...
it doesn't matter.
if the going is good, i will keep looking for the other shoe to fall, just hoping to dodge it before it strikes me in the noggin,
creating chaos & fuckery in its path.
i'm all to familiar with that anyway.

funnily enough,
i LOVE shoes. ooh i do.
i love owning them, but i hate wearing them.
and if i must, put me in a pair of birkenstocks or flipflops.
i do believe in the given rule of, "open toes, til it snows"
...then i wear socks...

why i stalk a shoe i'd never want to really wear to begin with, i do not know.
go figure.

ooooh i wonder if i can get that boot in brown?!?!!?

Monday, November 23, 2009

pffft. is this thing on?!

it's funny, how inspired we can feel when we're trying to chase our own (in)sanity...
i am me.
you are you.
formalities are out of the way.

seriously. let me take a min to let you know a lil bit about me...
i won't intentionally offend (many) tho i inevitably will offend a few (dozen).
and i'm ok with that.
oh yah. i seldom spellcheck, correctly punctuate, and pshhhh. grammar, what? don't hate on me.

you just pull up your big kid britches as i will mine (if i'm wearing any)
and we'll deal with it.

i'm a smartass. sarcasm is my 2nd language. i'm loud. i curse. sometimes a lot.
i'm far from the eloquent proverbial lady.
but i am an exceptional woman.
life's kicked my ass a few times,
but here i am, right on top, where an exceptional woman should be.
ok. maybe i'm laying down here on my side but dammit. i'm still HERE.
so yah. glad we could have this chat.
welcome & thanks for stopping by.