Friday, May 21, 2010

groped yourself lately?

yah i asked? grab them bewbs and feel yourself up...thoroughly!!!!

i figured it'd be just as easy to post a fair-warning here to direct my new twitter followers toward, so come wednesday, there's no huge shocker from my knockers.

every wed, i participate w/ an awesome group of people on twitter who pass along the #boobiewed message. @boobiewed was created by @honey_is_evil & @shimmer418, two of the most wonderful women on twitter. they are driven to pass on a beautifully motivated message. and that message is simple.
don't forget to do your self-(breast)exams.
and in delivering this message, we have a lil fun. our avi's sport boobies...some people are bold enough to show their own breasties (mostly cleavage, but hey, don't judge). some portray animated mammories. some find tata's on the web & show them. but it's a "shock & awe" way to draw attention to the cause. we have people who support us who are fighters, survivors, friends & loved ones of those fighting & surviving, and we have friends & loved ones of those lost...there's not ONE person who helps spread the #boobiewed luv that hasn't been touched in some way by cancer.

(by request, graphic provided by (& gifted to @boobiewed) by my lovely friend Liz ~ click to link directly to @boobiewed's website)

of course we do have some haters. we have some people who accuse us of being porn pushers. It's a small minority of people who don't understand nor do they want to. And they're entitled their opinions and i, of course, remind them of the option to unfollow me or block me if they wish. respectively, of course. i won't push my views (of boobs or about boobs) on to them unwillingly.

but every week the message is the same. EVERYONE, SELF EXAM!!!! early detection **is** our best defense. Fact is that breast cancer doesn't care if you're male or female...young or old. it doesn't care if you're rich or poor, it doesn't care about your race or your religion. It's an equal opportunist & will attempt to take your life...regardless of who you are...

so please remember to self exam. if you need direction on how to correctly "touch yourself", the boobie wednesday blog offers a great instructional. click here.

feel yourself up can save your life!

oh & if you haven't seen the pink glove dance, you're missing out.

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