Thursday, August 26, 2010

day 1 of trying to learn to blog again...

Thanks to TheTaterTwins I'm re-introducing myself.


I'm Connie, i'm justifiably me.
I'm a crazy divorced/single mother of 2 great kids.
and i suck at this ...
you should just go read this...for a REAL intro post (clicky clicky)

i really wanted to start writing again...and i'm having a hard time getting my fingers to strike the keys in a sequence long enough to put together a long runon sentence. LOL


so yah, i'm trying to learn to blog/write i'm gonna do this 30 days thingy here. i'm sure that before it's over, you'll be wishing i'll go away again and i'm cool with that. just leave comment love on the way to your knees to pray for that. LOL

things that are most important to me that i will probably draw something to write about from....

*my children
*my other family members
*my friends
*the furbabies (kitties)
*the ex hubs (whipping boy)

eh i think that's about it. OH and desserts, esp chocolate.


(and for those who follow me twice, i'm x-posting this from my livejournal acct. mainly bc i can...and i don't want to type it all out again. LOL)

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  1. HA, so funny I too am just now getting BACK in too bloggin! This is my new account! :)) Follow me♥! Following you now. YAY! ☻