Friday, December 4, 2009

green eyes...

green eyes,
she is smiling at

little girl
grew up.
what will you do?

when she was young
smiling sweet
knew nothing of deceit

did you ever believe
come one day
little woman would
be loving men in momma's way?

has she broken hearts
as you've done
your baby girl's gone
on another man run.

her daddy's ashamed,
shows in his actions.
his baby girl wants nothing
but grim satisfaction.

daddy should have
taught her as a child,
daddy's too late,
the girl is wild.

but momma, you're proud.
despite the thought,
little woman will fight
the same fight you fought.

feb 23, 1995

--was going thru some stuff...found some old poems that i'd written. this one won 2nd place in a poetry contest. pretty proud of it. i have alot of these...this one happens to be my favorite!!! thought i'd share it.

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