Monday, December 14, 2009

i'm a #bettycrockerFAIL

::pulls out hair::

ok. it's true. i'll admit it upfront & be done with it.
i am a #bettycrockerFAIL.
yesterday was cookie day here, i thereby proved by no exception,
i am NOT a baker. i can create about anything i put my lil mind to...
except boxed mac n' cheese & cookies. seriously. somethings are just too complex i suppose.

but i was cookie-or-bust.
my kids wanted to bake cookies, i had to deliver.

i thought i could take an easy way out & grabbed a cookie mix for the pecan sandies aka snowballs.
yah no so much.
i put the required 1 1/2 sticks of butter in the bowl, threw in the mix & viola. seemed kinda gooey to me...but according to the box, it should have been that simple!
you'd think.

alas, our lil 1-inch batter balls didn't cookie-fye though. instead, they spread out at make a lil pecan spreckled doughy pizza.

i got a bright idea (i know, the shock of it all) & added more cookie flour to the mix...b/c like i said, the batter did seem a bit too creamy. i guess i should always trust my non-baker instincts. after i added more flour, at least they looked like cookies when they came outta the oven...
that is until they exploded into crumbs when we tried to roll them in powdered sugar.
#fail #fail #fail #fail #epiccookiefail
the crumbs were tasty tho....

we made chocolate chip cookies instead.
brownies up next. at least i can do those...and do em well.

those are NOT my cookies up there. thanks to for the pix. ;)

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